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Best collaboration tool by google

Google has introduced G Suite, a service where Gmail service can be integrated and used as the e-mail server for business domains. G Suite is a combination of Email & Cloud-based productivity G Suite tools for communication and collaboration.

Google offers G Suite, a service where Gmail mail server can be used for business/ corporate mail Ids such as

Any business or professional organization who wants to use business mail IDs, Store mail data or office documents, folders on cloud server, work together with their teams collectively on cloud; communicate effectively with modern mail or use video calling facility can prefer to use GSuite and take advantage of the features and achieve more productivity in their business.

Customers can buy G Suite licenses for any number of licenses, there is no limit. Based on their organizations custom requirements, customers can buy 1 user license, or 10, or 100 or 1000 or more. Please check the various version of Google G Suite pricing (or) Google apps reseller pricing at below. G Suite Basic vs Business vs Enterprise

How Secure is Your Mailbox?
Unless the user shares the login credentials, it is impossible to log in to others mailbox. However, a few human mistakes allow others to predict the passwords and attempt to log in. This happens in any system and not limited to Google Mail or so. Hence, the password must be stronger and not a weak password, users must not keep their passwords weak such as mail1234, password123 etc which are hack-able easily.

What Else Can Google do to Secure Your Mail Box?
2 Step Verification, an optional but robust secured feature

For more security, you can enable and utilize the 2-step verification facility on your mailbox which means, any time you access your mailbox from a new network, Google system sends an OTP on your registered mobile, only by providing OTP you can access your mailbox. This avoids any possible unauthorized access by others into your inbox. This way, your mailbox is always safe and your data secured. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We use GSuite and it really is great :slight_smile: