How can we clone an entire module with its entire functionality and rename it entirely?

The idea of cloning a module is a bit treacherous, since there is often a lot of additional logic tying that module to other modules, and the cloning would have to replicate all that, and sort out possible confusions.

When creating a new module in Module Builder, you can start from pre-existing “templates” like “Person”, “Account”, so you start with a bunch of fields. But other modules are not so easy to clone.

Which one do you need to clone, and why? There might be better approaches I can suggest.

Hi, i found the same problem, i need to clone a custom module but i don’t know how.

This is an interesting idea, I just had a work associate ask me the same thing. We were discussing building a new custom module in Module Builder / Studio when he asked why can’t we just clone the existing Notes or Documents module and make customisations / revisions.

I couldn’t give him a definitive answer why we don’t, but I can understand the impact that cloning modules might have on system performance. You would be bringing along a lot of redundancy / overhead into each new module, and the result is not a very clean solution. But I can definetely understand the appeal because many custom modules are basically a functional subset of some existing module, the default suite of modules has nearly every function pre-existing that people would likely ever need.