Clone a role

Hi. Any way to clone a role? The permission matrix is very huge and i want to copy my general role to do small changes. Any suggestion?


Chan go


RE: Clone a role

There are no preset or template roles. Each role must be constructed and then, you can select the drop-down next to Edit and choose duplicate. Be advised to sandbox your roles first before usage. This means creating test roles and if the role is satisfactory – duplicate it. Otherwise, changes to a role is a global change.

For example, create the following roles:
(i) Demo;
(ii) Basic;
(iii) Standard;
(iii) Premium;

Make changes to each as if they applied to paid membership levels. You can keep them while while making minor changes and then duplicating the changes as needed. Don’t delete a role unless absolutely necessary. There are a lot permissions and you don’t want to set each one by one all over again.

Thank you,