Clipboard 📋 tips

I’ve been thinking about reviving my Blog, but since we set up the Documentation site, if I have something useful to explain about SuiteCRM I would favor sending it to the Docs site, not my Blog.

Anyway… I posted something today which is in a different style: how to use a Clipboard manager to work more productively with the CRM.

If you have any ideas for Blog posts you’d like to see, let me hear your suggestions. Remember - stuff that for some reason wouldn’t fit the Docs site, but that would still be useful for the SuiteCRM Community.

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I just updated that post with a how-to.

btw, just because it’s something similar: Windows 10 has some kind of clipboard manager too (win+v for pasting). It’s not very powerful, but it’s enough to do multiple ctrl+c's and to paste them later on.

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