Clients from different countries best practices?

Hey guys,
part of my clients are from countries like Russia where they use the Cyrillic alphabet so when they enter their names suite CRM will receive cyrillic inputs while other clients who are from UK will input latin names. What’s the best practice for managing clients from multiple countries like this, should they all be in the same database or?

Pinging @likhobory here, he’s the expert on all things Russian and Cyrillic :wink:


IMHO If you plan to communicate with some clients in Russian, it is better to use the Cyrillic alphabet, otherwise it is better to replace the names with Latin analogs. This will be more convenient first of all for you: if you plan to actively correspond with your Russian clients, then constantly typing Cyrillic names on the Latin keyboard is not the best solution.

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It’s okay for me to type in Cyrillic, I have it installed on my keyboard so switching inputs isn’t a big deal. However when doing marketing automation and replacing names and company names in emails etc it would only work if the names are in cyrillic since the email would also be in cyrillic. “Привет Ivan” doesn’t look very trustworthy.

Agree, if we are talking about marketing automation - then yes, use these names “as is”.
And it’s a good practice to put a comma after the greeting (according to the rules of the Russian language), for example: Привет, Иван. :wink:

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Should I separate my cyrillic leads and latin leads in different lists as some sort of best practice?

I don’t know all your nuances, but now I don’t see the point in a such separation.

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Got it, thanks for the help. Appreciated.