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I’ve recommended SuiteCRM to a Short Insurance broker. One of their critical requirements is a Customer self Service portal where a client can request a quote for motor insurance. The system will prompt for basic information about the asset (type of vehicle, make/model, year of manufacture and insured value). It will then display the quotes calculated from the premium rates that each that each insurer uses. Client will select the quote he prefers and confirms it to send it back to SuiteCRM to trigger a process of servicing the client. Any suggestions on how to customise SuiteCRM for this use-case?

That’s quite a complex workflow. There’s lots of custom development involved there as well as planning. Conceptually, you’d want a front end like WP, where you’d setup custom backend and customer area. WP can control the user accounts, login security, etc. Then you’d want to setup your forms, etc with the logic for the quote, etc. then push that info back to SutieCRM via API.

I don’t know of any existing software that does this.

This sounds very specific to the Insurance industry. Have you looked for any Insurance specific software solutions that do this?

Another route may be to use something like Zapier or one of their competitors to push the form data back and forth from WP.

There are some “portal” type plugins in the SuiteCRM store, but mostly focused on bug tracking and case management. You may want to have a look.

Thanks Paul. I’ve been reading around No Code/Low Code platform and I’m thinking of using one of these to do a quick and dirty front end so they can service that segment of clients who just want the minimum cover mandated by law. Its a volume business which makes it amenable to automation because there’s not much underwriting required. This approach would buy the client time to develop the portal using WordPress which integrates with SuiteCRM. The risk is that the quick and dirty temporary solution will grow into a permanent solution, and that’ll bring another risk inherent in No Code platforms - vendor lock-in plus increasing costs.
I’d love to hear form anyone who has implemented SuiteCRM for a short term insurance broking business.

I’d say as well, that’s not a business case for a CRM necessarily.
It sounds more like ecommerce + maybe portal to me.

If you look at it from the ecom perspective:
Products are the insurer premium rates.
Search via faceted search with attributes like vehicle, make, model etc.

Then, the customer purchases the service and has the info in their order history panel.

If you want to have some more flexibility than WooCommerce / WP, look into Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

If you don’t want to go down the ecom route, Drupal will still make a great customer portal with the option to build out similar functionality that you suggested.

Low Code could be the ECA module and you could use sth. like n8n to integrate SuiteCRM & the portal (and as a low code solution to compute sth).
Just, from what you are describing, I don’t see the need for SuiteCRM so far.
But I’ve used SuiteCRM as a backend system / analytical CRM behind ecommerce stores, it makes sense if it’s a digital commerce business with a few more traditional processes on top (customer service / communication / supply chain management etc.)

Awesome ideas Bastian! Thanks a mil.
By the way, I’m binge watching your tutorials. Danke :sunglasses:

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Yes you’re right. SuiteCRM would be relevant for the more complex insurance products such as Vehicle Fleets, Commercial and household insurance that involve quite a bit of back and forth as the value of the asset goes higher. Also included would be insurance claims. Insurance is like banking - lots of paper, emails and talking going on for each account.

There isn’t an out-of-the-box solution that will meet your specific needs; you’ll likely need a customized portal. You might want to check out a portal that’s integrated using REST API for some ideas and inspiration. SugarCRM & SuiteCRM responsive customer support portal | Urdhva Tech Pvt.Ltd.

Yeah, I think my use-case is a multi-tool candidate.
Thanks for the link.