Client communication in multiple languages

Hi to you all,

We have multpile clients in different languages (German, Spanish, Dutch and English). We aiming on client communication in their native language so Spanish client gets Spanish quotes, and so on.

How is SuiteCRM able to handle this automatically? Can I set somewhere the customers language so the system sends out the right translations?

No, this is not possible out-of-the-box.

But since many things are template-based, you can have different templates and select them based on client language.

You might have to do some custom coding for the automatic parts… like case notifications, etc.

Ok thanks for thinking with me…

I cannot see where I can persist the client’s language?

I can image I have multple templates with diff. languages (although they would all be almost the same). But I can’t imagine how the system is able to select the right template based on the clients language.

Would be a really cool feature to:

  • make labels in templates based on translatable strings
  • be able to select the client’s language

That way it would be very easy to work with customers in different langauges,

Is it doable to add custom fiields on contacts AND pdf templates called language and make a relationship between those fileds? So if a contact with a language spanish is chosen, automatically the template in spanish is shown / chosen?

I agree with having a custom field in Contacts to specify language. The same can be done on the templates side, or if you prefer you can use a naming convention (like WelcomeLetter.EN, WelcomeLetter.FR, etc)

The part about connecting the two, and make the correct one get selected for use, needs to be some custom PHP code. It might be necessary to do it in more than one place in the app (depending on the different situations where templates are used, and which ones you need to be multilingual).

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