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Hi !

In the past I used callinize as click to call plugin.
But it’s no longer updated and on the last version of SuiteCRM this plugin rest in peace…

Do you know a good, really free, click to call plugin for SuiteCRM and Asterisk ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you need a plugin really?

I am convinced that click-to-call works from SuiteCRM simply because your browser is able to handle “tel://” URIs, so if you have an app in your OS that knows how to make calls, it will get invoked.

I just tried it my system and it worked. Note that the phone format has to be recognized as a valid phone, this might be tricky. I used +351212222222 as an “Office phone”. It seems to work on the List view, not on the detail view.

It’s not a solution.
We use sip phones, Asterisk and freePBX.
we can’t use tel://, It would have been too easy…

Ok. I don’t know of any plug in for PBX integration with SuiteCRM that is free.

Everything that exists is in the SuiteCRM Store, I believe.

Maybe you can just try to fix the existing plugin. Maybe you can get others to help.

See here, I just found a SuiteCRM code contributor in the Callinize Github:

Not really but there is one company name Cloudconnect, Click to call, Sometimes known as click to talk or click to dial, is a way to let humans connect with an agency consultant with the aid of cellphone while they’re looking an internet site or in an app. The science that powers this is a simple Programmable Voice API, and it can make a big distinction in increasing income or resolving assist tickets greater quickly. There are a variety of approaches it can work.

Please have a look at this product.

It also supports power dialing.

this yaai plugin still works, i was able to get it working to click2call following a couple of russian guides translated to english… the calls are logging to the system as outgoing, but no recording is available yet… I have a feeling it has to do with the regex detection for inbound/outbound extension.

Can you please share the resources even if different language that way others can use them.



You can download version 3.6.10 of yaai from github… you have to from src which makes a file module for suite7.x…

Below are some of the links that helped during installation… like i said before click2call works great however now its just a matter of getting recording to work… IF anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

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Did you try it yet? if so, did you get call recording to work?