Clarification Regarding LDAP

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to ask the follow questions below regarding SuiteCRD LDAP Configuration:

1.What is the difference between the Group Membership and the User Filter, and what is the use of the Group Membership?

Note: Ive tested the filter configuration, in which I created a security group and named it "SuiteCRM Users" I then created 5 users, and Ive added the two of them to this security group. Only those who are included in the security group are able to login to SuiteCRM, and the others are not. Now I am a little bit confuse on how this Group Members works and what is the function of this.

2. What would happen if I did not setup the authentication, and what are the differences between LDAP authentication with and without setup?

If it is recommended to setup an aunthentication, what user should use? In my case, I use the Administrator account. Do you have a recommended account configuration in LDAP for the authentication?

Sorry if I have too many question, it just I really need to understand how each configuration works.