Citrix Deployment

Hey Guys,
One of my clients has requested this Outlook Plug-In be installed for roughly 20 users in their Citrix Virtual Environment.
Are there any recommendations for installing in this kind of set up?
Currently I’ve only been able to get it on a test account that has Admin privileges to a server and once the admin rights are taken away the plug-in disappears.

Thanks so much!

Greg C

This is a known issue, a fix has been produced and we’re currently testing this.

We’ll deploy to GitHub when resolved and inform you when you can download.

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Legend. Thanks mate

Hi There, we have this same issue on a windows terminal server, could someone point me at the git or let me know if this has been updated yet?


Edit: found the git and have watched! so nevermind!

Is there any news on this topic?

Thanks in advance.