Checking Environment - Not responding.

Ok maybe I am missing the obvious but why would I get “Checking Environment,” with not results at install ? Just says “Checking system for compatibility,” and just keeps running. I am installing this on 64bit Windows 7 Pro machine. What am I missing that is not in the install documentation?

Appreciate any help. Regards,

I ran into this issue once as well. It was a permissions issue. Double check you have the correct file/folder permissions set on your install directory.

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Seemed to resolve it after reverting back to the Max version rather than the beta, but permissions was the issue originally. Now I am trying to get it connect to a SQL database … time will tell :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue; trying to install version 7.9.0 and the installation stalls on Checking Environment; I checked the directories and files permission and changed them as stated in the installation document + including their sub-dir and files to 775 permission and no luck, not sure what I am missing something?

Directories and files set to 775 permission everything else is set to 755
cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

I am trying to install the script on a hosted account with eHost.

any help will be really appreciated.