Checkbox ✅ | Required field in Studio - Like how?

The check box I’m referring to is the custom fields in Studio:

Not sure why it is not an given option by default in SuiteCRM. :thinking:

At least it is a no brainer to me which makes sense that admins should be able to require users to “tick off” and specific check box before they can move on.

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@PowerQuest How can it be mandatory?

There are only two options on/off. If you want to ensure they are all checked, just default them to checked.

You see where I’m going… it’s meaningless. It’s either checked or it isn’t, there’s no mandatory. Unchecked is a perfectly acceptable value.

If you REALLY want it to be mandatory and know it was reviewed/set by someone do a dropdown with blank, yes, no and make blank the default and make it mandatory. That will force the user to set the value.

You just logically can’t do the same thing with a checkbox.

There are some apps that have a “tri-state” check box, where this would make sense. These can be:

  • not filled (blank)
  • checked
  • unchecked

Of course there has to be some visual way to differentiate blank from unchecked.

But this does not exist in SuiteCRM.

If we have only choices like true/false. Then I don’t think making it mandatory makes sense.

You can add * sign in the Display Lebel: field to indicate to your users that it needs to be filled.

Well a check box can be used for many things of course, but it can also be used to have something confirmed. In this case we are using the check box so sales reps confirm that they asked XZY questions to a prospect so they have to tick off the box that they have asked this question to make book a online meeting for the customer. This way our client can also see confirmed that the qualifying question for accepting a business meeting has been done and the requirements for accepting the meeting with the prospect been met.

If the box is blank and then is required to be filled (e.g. ticked off), it does makes sense to have it as a required field. At least in the way I think.

Yes as some of you guys have mentioned and you are correct. One could might as well just make a dropdown with yes/no - but for faster work flow purposes a tick box is much faster than a dropdown field to chose and work on from…

I have another approach. Maybe this will work for you.

You could make that checkbox always TRUE in the DB :thinking: :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Oh like a reverse thing.
So they will have to remove the tick in the box instead of adding it? :thinking: :joy:

That might work though, but it might on the other hand confuse some employees, making it prone mistakes.

Thanks for the suggestion, it is appreciated.

Whatever works! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

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That is true indeed. :smile: :rofl: