CheckBox in PDF Template

I’ve created a PDF Template and need to have some checkboxes displayed.

I’ve entered the html editor of the template and added

<td><span style="font-size: xx-small;"><input type="checkbox" checked=$fp_events_ccss_surg_stat_ip_c /> IP</span></td>

where I want the checkbox. When I save the template it gets rewritten as

<td><span style="font-size: xx-small;"><input type="checkbox" checked="checked" /> IP</span></td>

which removes the link back to the checkbox field in the module.

How do I display at checkbox linked to a module checkbox field in a PDF template correctly?

What version are you running? There was a fix recently about variables in templates.

Using 7.8.5 LTS.

I was able to get this resolved with this:


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There was a PR opened with this, I’m trying to find out why it didn’t go into the product

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@nmccallum would you go into GitHub and create a new PR with a current version of this fix? Starting from the current state of the files in “hotfix” branch, redo these changes:

I am assuming this corresponds to what was done in that forum post you linked.

I’ve cloned the suitecrm project and checked out the remotes/origin/hotfix branch. Is this correct?

Are you asking me to make the changes that are in along with the changes from the link I posted? It appears parts are similar but not entirely. The changes from the link I posted are limited to a single section in a single file “templateParser.php”. The PR you sent has more changes in that file and changes in 2 others.

Just want to make sure I do this correctly.

Now that you have the “hotfix” branch checked out, start a new branch underneath that (named for example “patch-1”). Now make your changes.

About which changes you should make, I don’t know exactly. We could assume the writer of that PR knew what he was doing and try making all of those changes… especially if you can test them to see what they do, and if they work well. But it might be hard…

Maybe we could also ask the original author on GitHub, I don’t know…