Cheapest way to try suitecrm

Hi. I just learned about suitecrm. But i have no knowlege about having servers or any of that. I have been using free hubspot.

Is there i way i can install and try suitecrm for free? If not, what is the cheapest server i can get?

Thanks in advance.

If you just want to see demo and test modules, you can try the demo
User will
Password will

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Thank you, i Will try that.

But if then i decide to give it a go, how much would a server cost me?

Depends on what your usage is. Any web hosting provider that can host PHP websites, you can install and setup SuiteCRM there.
Typically it requires 120 MB space with bare installation, the rest depends on how much Files/Data you need to upload.

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Thanks. Can you tell me 2 or 3 web hosts that could do that?

Sorry i really know nothing about this.

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You always use XAMPP on your own computer and install SuiteCRM as well