ChatGPT - Compare Britix24 vs Suitecrm

Borne out of frustration and pain of upgrading to suite8 - i asked ChatGPT what the best open source alternatives were to suitecrm and the answer included something i had not come across Britix24? - so i asked what the differences were -

Bitrix24 and SuiteCRM are both customer relationship management (CRM) software, but they have different features and capabilities that cater to different needs.

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive, all-in-one business management platform that offers CRM, project management, communication tools, and more. It’s designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and it provides a range of tools to help organizations manage customer interactions, sales, and marketing. It offers a free version with limited features and paid versions that provide more robust functionality.

SuiteCRM, on the other hand, is a free and open-source CRM software that provides a range of features for managing customer relationships, sales, and marketing. It’s designed to be flexible and customizable, and it offers a wide range of third-party plugins and integrations. Unlike Bitrix24, SuiteCRM does not offer a comprehensive suite of business management tools, but it’s a good option for organizations looking for a cost-effective solution for managing customer relationships.

In terms of user interface and ease of use, Bitrix24 is generally considered to be more user-friendly, but SuiteCRM is known for its flexibility and customization options. Additionally, SuiteCRM has a large user community and a wealth of online resources, making it a good choice for organizations looking for a solution that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Ultimately, the choice between Bitrix24 and SuiteCRM will depend on the specific needs and budget of your organization. If you’re looking for a comprehensive suite of business management tools, Bitrix24 may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a cost-effective CRM solution that you can
customize to your specific needs, SuiteCRM may be a better option.

On first impression it looks very complex in comparison to suiteCRM, but it also looks like there are some great features - does anyone have experience with it?

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to move from suiteCRM - but this thing looks like a different world! email integration in particular

I have no experience with BitRex. I tend to avoid the SAAS model. So this answer is from ChatGPT ?

yes that’s the answer from chatGPT.

likewise, i also prefer on premise - though looks like they have paid version of that

i thought i knew a little, now i realise i know nothing

Verily, 'tis a tale of two CRM systems,
Bitrix24 and SuiteCRM, both sought by firms,
One with features fair and wondrous to see,
The other, with a price that’s free.

Bitrix24, with its all-in-one approach,
Dost offer tools for work, communication and coach,
Task management, calendars, and even a chat,
'Tis a joy to use, but may cost where’er thou’rt at.

SuiteCRM, on the other hand, open source,
Hath a multitude of plugins, not one resource,
Customizable, and adaptable, 'tis true,
But the cost of thy time to set it up, is due.

In conclusion, if budget’s not a fret,
Bitrix24 is the better bet,
But if thou hast developers who are able,
SuiteCRM, with its customization, shall be stable.

So choose wisely, and weigh the cost,
For each CRM has its own boast,
And with careful consideration and review,
Thou shalt find the one that’s best for you.


After years of waiting, email code has finally received a worthy improvement in the latest versions. All the email configuration screens have been revamped, and the email compose window.

I wish i could benefit from this, but at the moment I’m still not able to get a functional system with office365 email.

For example, i decided to start again and install a completely fresh installation of 7.12.9 on a new ubuntu server with php7.4, following the install instructions etc. (in case anything had become corrupted with my installation)

I’ve setup SuiteCRM in office365, and granted permissions etc but when sending a test email i get the following error:

[FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

This is very similar to the issue i posted (

Just share my case to you .

As I know, 7.13.1 should be able to connect office365 email and resume the inbound email processes.
suiteCRM 7.13.0 has the bug on OAUTH proccess, don’t use it. 7.12.9, I guess this version is not work for M$ case. Step 7-10 should be solve your case.

Last week I were migrated the suiteCRM from 7.11.6 to 7.13.1. The process is very painful. It is because the Upgrade Wizard function collapsed on 7.11.6. Need manual export the database and packages first, and redeploy to 7.11.8 for the initial.

Step 1 - Export the database in SQL command, backup the uploaded file(s) and export the deployed package from existing suiteCRM 7.11.6. (Don’t forget backup whole directory and files first before Step 2.)
Step 2 - Initial setup and install 7.11.8 CRM
Step 3 - Restore old database, uploaded files. And install the exported package files in suiteCRM 7.11.8
Step 4 - Do Quick repair process in suiteCRM (Make sure all is resume to normal and backup the upgraded system).
Step 5 - Through Upgrade Wizard function on suiteCRM 7.11.8 and upgraded to 12.8.
Step 6 - Do Quick repair process in suiteCRM 12.8.
Step 7 - Through Upgrade Wizard function on suiteCRM 7.12.8 and upgraded to 13.1
Step 8 - Do Quick repair process in suiteCRM 13.1
Step 9 - Checking all is resume to normal.
Step 10 - Configure the OAUTH2 and M$ Azure

suiteCRM 7.13.0 has the bug on configure the [Inbound Email with OAuth] process. Major affected by the permission issue (I guess) when you through function [Personal OAuth Connection] to create the personal inbound setting. You cannot reach the last setting on field [External OAuth Providers]. suiteCRM 7.13.1 fixed this part.

Good luck.


Many thanks for your help.
I now have email working! I still have the password error in the setup page but the mail itself is connecting. There must still be some kind of bug in reading the email field when sending a test.

I also had some issues copying the custom folders over, which kept breaking the email module, however got there in the end !

Many thanks for the push to try again !