Charts with currency display too many zeros

We are using Version 7.11.15.
When I create a report using currency data, the report displays the dollar amounts correctly (bottom of image), but if you hover over the chart it shows 6 decimal places instead of 2 (top of image). Not a big issue, it just looks a bit messy.

I’m using standard currency settings, and I haven’t seen the issue anywhere else where I’ve got currency displayed.
Thanks for any help you can give me!

Sorry for the very late posting on an old post, but did you ever get this resolved ?

We are on V8.5.1 and have the exact same issue. Currency fields show correctly everywhere except when you hover over the chart in a report, where it shows a raw value with 6 decimal places.

I too would just like to clean this up, as it clearly hasn’t found its way into the latest code and just looks a little on the amateur side.

No, we didn’t find a fix for this. In the end we decided that there were a few too many limitations to the reporting with what we could do out of the box, and we wanted to integrate data from our other systems, so we use PowerBI for our reporting.

Thanks Nat, that makes sense. We also use PowerBI by sheer coincidence.

We run reports in SuiteCRM and export them as CSV and then import them into PowerBI predesigned reports for our intranet. A bit rough and ready but it works well. We have the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter installed for use with PowerBI Desktop but have not spent any time testing it or connecting to the database.

Have you got PowerBI fully integrated - it was something we have had on the back-burner for a while but has always taken a low priority as we have a working solution.

Hi ggraynoth, I’ve asked one of our technical BAs to give you a more detailed answer for what we did, so hopefully this helps you:

We import the data from the MySQL database of SuiteCRM into Power BI and display in the form of graphs and charts. The database version is MySQL Workbench 8.0.

We did not want to connect Power BI directly to the SuiteCRM database, so we created a new database schema called “reporting” in MySQL. We created database views for the data we need for the Power BI reports in this schema.

We also created a user called “reports” to connect Power BI to this schema, and gave only the SELECT, INSERT and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES access rights to this user. We had some trouble connecting Power BI desktop to MySQL initially, as Power BI would repeatedly ask us to install the right ODBC driver. Fortunately, the error message also contains the link to the website from where you can download the latest version of the ODBC driver, as well as the older versions.

After some trial and error, the connection worked with “MySQL Connector Net 8.0.11”. We have set up a daily refresh in Power BI server so we don’t need regular maintenance.

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Many thanks, that is excellent info.

We were concerned about a direct connection into the prod database, hence our rather basic approach.

This is a much better way of doing it without any risk or security implications with the main tables. I am going to get one of our team to take this on and set it up on the test server.

Thanks again.