Charts pipeline by sales stage

i can not see the chart of pipeline by sales stage
there are some different steps in the charts and some others inside the opportunity
thanks in advance

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Can you post a screenshot here?

I just posted it in the link you said me “

Now you need to give us the link to your upload there! :slight_smile:

And tell us your SuiteCRM version, please.

The links are below

my SuiteCRM version is
Version 7.10.10
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


Do you have any selected stages in the Dashlet’s options?

Those lines in blue are the selected stages. Hold down CTRL and click to select more than one.

I had already selected all the stages (those with blue colour) and i pressed save
but again it does not work.Also i have modified the expected close date- to to 1 year from now so to be included everything

I don’t know… it works for me.

You can try raising your log level to debug, and then showing the dashlet and seeing in suitecrm.log exactly which query goes to the database. That might help you figure out why no data is returned.

You can also try some variation with date formats - I suspect it might be that date parameter that is different for you, if you’re using a language that is not English.

i know this is an old subject/issue.
we are running 7.8.28 and do not plan to migrate soon, system is quite stable as is now.
but one user reported the problem… and I found the solution.
in \modules\Charts\Dashlets\PipelineBySalesStageDashlet you will find PipelineBySalesStageDashlet.php
if you look at line 320 (or around) you will see the function " protected function constructQuery()"
if you have some experience with sql, you can see that the query is flawen, make no sense.

so comment this query (for security do not delete)
and add this one instead
$query = " SELECT opportunities.sales_stage,
count(*) AS opp_count,
sum(amount_usdollar/1000) AS total
FROM users,opportunities “;
$query .= " WHERE opportunities.date_closed >= “. db_convert(”’”.$this->pbss_date_start."’",‘date’).
" AND opportunities.date_closed <= “.db_convert(”’".$this->pbss_date_end."’",‘date’) .
" AND opportunities.assigned_user_id = AND opportunities.deleted=0 “;
$query .= " GROUP BY opportunities.sales_stage”;
I did NOT need to do quick repair, modification was available as soon as I saved.

I hope this will help others…