Charts from the dashlets don't load after a server migration

Hi Everyone!

After I migrated from one server to this new one, couldn’t see the charts/dashlets anymore, so I did the following:

Via FileZilla changed the CHMOD of these to 777: cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

This was working in the old one:
‘dir_mode’ => 493,
‘file_mode’ => 420,
But now it’s not.

I have the following in a shared hosting:

SuiteCRM 7.1
Apache version 2.2.26
PHP version 5.4.22
MySQL version 5.5.36-cll

The Linux distro is Cloudlinux 6.5 - CentOS 6.5 based.
It’s the same distro from the other server before the migration so it shouldn’t be different.

Do you know what are the values?

Hi there,

We use 1517 and 420 for ubuntu but this may be different for CentOS. We’re not experts/familiar with CentOS so you may need to confirm this.