Changing name formats

Hello everyone, I’m trying to change the contacts list view to instead of appearing “Phd. John Smith” (Salutation - First Name - Last Name), I would like to show “John Smith Phd” (First Name - Last Name - Salutation). If I wasn’t clear enough, it’s when you click on “Contacts”, and all contacts list appears. I already checked on Advanced settings on profile, and it doesn’t have that option. Any ideas are welcome, thank you!

Hi @MarcoAurelio,
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To solve your problem you could build a logichook with is triggered by the event process_record: Logic Hooks :: SuiteCRM Documentation

In the logichook can set the new value for the field name. You can set the content of the field based on your definition.

Regards, Maxime

It can be done in your user profile.

Edit your profile, click on the 3rd Tab (advance) and scroll to see the Name format. You can set the format you like. Save it to see the new layout.
Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 2.49.37 PM