Changing "mass update" options in bulk action

Can I edit the options available for mass update? If so, how? The options list is very limited and I do not want to have to do a workflow for something like this. I have almost 1400 leads/contacts in my system and frequently i want to update a handful of them. Usually with a small note and sometimes by changing fields - like the lead received date.

Hi, welcome.

Try this tutorial, it should apply to SuiteCRM as well

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Is it possible to create a mass update note field? I really don’t like the workflow option because i would need this option for small numbers of records, but frequently.

If you mean the “description” field, I believe yes.

But if you really mean Note, then that’s not a field, that’s a related record, so it’s a bit more complicated.

If you are a PHP developer, or can get one working for you, I can tell you about more options by customizing the code.

Things like this:
Which works along with this:

What that does is iterate a list view and call a function for each item. That can be adapted for whatever you want, and you can play with everything related to the record quite easily.

One practical use I have for it is to iterate all members of a Target List and create a Call for each (for phone campaigns).

I am the owner of our company CRM. I have developer status, but I am not a professional programmer. For the short notes I need to add, perhaps I could use the description field. I’ll try it. Thanks for your help! I hope I can make this work.