Changing label for a field

Using Suite CRM 7.10.5

Used Studio to create a new one to one relationship between an account and a contact - need to have a way to capture a special contact at an account for administrative purposes. It worked fine and seemed to create the right capability. It gave the new field a generic label of “contacts”. We want to change that name to something else so as to not be confused with the contacts sub-panel which is still used for general contacts. Whenever I change the label for the field, (for example in Studio>Accounts>Labels) it appears to change but a “save and deploy” forces it back to the old generic label. I have tried changing in several different places - all with the same effect.

How can I change this label?

If it’s a Relationship you created, I would try changing the name by editing the Relationship in Studio. There is a “label” there.

Editing the relationship in Studio does not have a field to change the label that gets assigned to the relationship. Since this is a 1 to 1 relationship, there is no available box, etc. for changing the label that gets assigned. At least as near as I can tell. In fact, it appears that the label name is not even displayed with the relationship properties. I was able to find it by comparing the items in the Labels section of Studio > Accounts.

Furthermore, it is not clear how to edit a relationship once it has been created. When I go to Studio > Accounts and click on Relationships, the list includes the one that was created. Clicking on it shows its properties but does not allow any changes.


I wonder if what you’re seeing is a manifestation of this problem:

Try looking for an invisible icon there :slight_smile: , or apply the fix proposed in that Issue.