Changing a custom label changes the default ones


I have default field Account type (dropdown) and custom Type_c (dropdown) in Account module. The dropdown isn’t the same.
But it seems like both fields have the same libel.
In Studio->Account->labels I have only one label LBL_TYPE with value Account_type (or other if I change either of the two fields)

suitecrm 7.11.15

Yes, both fields have the same label definitions.
Do change System label of your custom field from database table fields_meta_data and change the name of your custom field to LBL_TYPE to LBL_TYPE_C or whatever you call it and add that label at

Do quick repair & rebuild.

it almost works but
What i did:

  1. went to mysql and renamed LBL_TYPE to LBL_TYPE_c
  2. added LBL_TYPE_c in custom/modules/Accounts/language/en_us.lang.php
  3. renamed LBL_TYPE to LBL_TYPE_c int custom/modules/Accounts/metadata/edit and detail views
  4. QRR
  5. went to studio->accounts>field->selected and renamed Display Label for my custom field
    it was renamed but after my first rename it was change yourself System Label from LBL_TYPE_c to LBL_TYPE_C and added LBL_TYPE_C in custom/modules/Accounts/language/en_us.lang.php
    So at this moment label changed LBL_TYPE_C

Where I can edit this moment? I mean stoping converting LBL_TYPE_c to LBL_TYPE_C after first change in studio->accounts>field

That’s great it worked!
Sorry, I didn’t get your question.

is it normal that i changed from LBL_TYPE to LBL_TYPE_c but now in system it’s called LBL_TYPE_C ?
c is uppercase

Yes, that’s fine. It should be Uppercase or when you go to studio, It will automatically make it uppercase.

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got it
@sagarjaydeep thanks for your reply and help me. Right now it works well