Change <title> </title> in Suite CRM

Hi Everyone

I exported my data from Bitnami onto a webhost but it still comes up with title Bitnami SuiteCRM on all the pages. Looked everywhere and cannot seem to find where it is coming from?

Anyoen got the location for the HTML Title within Suite CRM?




I found the title in htdocs\themes\SuiteP\tpls fodler called _head.tpl but the name is {$APP.LBL BROWSER TITLE}

Not sure if I should change it or that means a second file needs to be changed in order to alter it :S


Super Easy! Just change the Suite CRM title in Admin > System Settings > System Name and changes the in system.


Hi @Princeps_of_Nihils
It doesn’t work in suitecrm8. I’ve tried many times. I’ve done repair & rebuild. I’ve cleared cache. Still it is not changing.

It changes in our Case but on refreshing it loads as SuiteCRM for few seconds and then original name display.