Change the editor in the compose email page.

Hi All,

SuiteCRM Version 7.11.6
PHP : 7.2
Platform : Nginx, MariaDB on Ubuntu

Need some help on how to change the editor in the compose page from the default one and use the one that is provided in the email signature creation page in the user profile. The one in the compose mail is very basic while the editor on the signature creation page is more rich and better.

Any help is appreciated.



You can not change the editor on the email compose popup, SuiteCRM is not allowed us to change the editor of the compose mail popup.

You can change the editor of the email templates and campaigns templates from the user setting page.

For more information, please check the below link.

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I tried changing email editor from profile section. When i switched from DirectHTML editor to TinyMCE editor the changes are not reflecting, the editor is not changing.
I am using Suitecrm 7.11 on Centos
I also tried clearing cache.

Please guide.
I want to add responsive email editor.