Change the date format


how to change the date format for all users?
I have modified in the admin part: local settings but it does not change anything.
The date is modified only in the profile part of my account.
But as many people connect with their account, I want to be able to change it only one for everyone
How can I do ?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @mio

+1 for a setting to:
"Reset All Users Preferences” for global (changing date format - #6 by Webber)

and then go to the local setting it will work.

Admin USer:-

Other User:-

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Thank you for your answer.

I have tried what you have explained but it does not change anything.
I want the format dd/mm/yyyy and I have to go to the profile of each user to put the date format I want.

Is there any other way that allows the change once for the whole system?

Thank you for your help.