Change Text field to dropdown

I have edited one of the labels and added dropdown fields in the dropdown editor but it won’t let me convert this from a text field to a dropdown anywhere.
Please help.

What is the field you are trying to convert? And what module is it in?

It is in Leads and is Lead Source Description. We are unable for some unknown reason to add new fields.



I think the only way around this is you are going to have to create a new field as a drop down and select the drop down you already created and then replace the lead source description with your newly created field.

Trying to add a new field creates an error message both in my admin user log in and my log in (set up as admin user too) so we can’t do it.

Have you double checked your permission setting on the folders and files?

I am a system administrator. Would I have full edit access and permissions?

I am referring to the permissions at the server level, not the application level.