Change Task Default Time From 2 Hours?

Can we change the default time of a task from a two hour window?
I saw a reference to duration here:

But I don’t see any default value or value that stands out.
This is v7.11.15.

I do see that if we create a calendar entry (schedule meeting) from the dashboard that it defaults to a 30 minute window, but if I create a Task and even give it a 30 minute duration from start to end that it still blocks off 2 hours. This is more of a bug or enhancement than a configuration issue.


Can you share your Screenshots for Task Record and the Calendar where it displays the 2 hours slot booked?

See attached…
The 1pm entries are default for meetings in 30 minute increments.
The 5pm entries are default for tasks in 2 hour increments.

calendar task and meeting

There are Two Tasks set for the Same Time ?

Yes, that was me just testing.