Change sub panel fields?

I could have sworn there was a way to change this, but I can’t seem to find it.

How do you change the fields in the Sub-Panel fields (for examples the "Activities/Calls when viewing a Lead).

Reference the image attached; I need to change which fields from the Activities are shown when I am viewing a Lead.

Also, is there a way to edit those fields from there, without having to access that record? So, for example, if I am in the Lead Detail View, and they have a Call record in the subpanel, can I edit the Call record from the subpanel without actually going to the Call’s detail view?

In List views, this is easier to change, both in Studio and in the views themselves, where you have the filters and column choosers.

For subpanels, it can be changed in Studio.

But for the two aggregating subpanels, Activities and History, which are not modules but rather include records from several kinds of modules, it is harder. It needs to be changed from code, and then it gets tricky because there is specific code to work around some of the incongruities that arise from joining different modules in a different list…