Change Studio look and feel for form fields

I would like to make adjustments to the form field entries in Studio (for example, I believe the length of the text input field is about 26 long and I want to make it 40).

I’m not sure that this request should go under themes, albeit this appers to be about as good as any.

Looking for the name of the file(s) needed to be changed.


You can change the length of specific fields in Studio / Module / Fields, is that not what you’re looking for?

Thanks, I’m actually looking to change the fields within studio. For example, the length of the actual input fields and the javascript that changes the label after entry of the field name.

You mean in Studio / [Module] / Fields / Add field / Field name?

Arghhh that code in Studio is really tricky to figure out… I had a look but couldn’t find where it’s defined. Gave up after half an hour :frowning: