Change quote / invoice number


I have another questions, bit 1st of all :

What version of SuiteCRM am I using ?


What OS ?

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

What PHP version ?


What are you trying to do ?

So, I’m struggling to find a clear way to set a pattern for quotes and invoices. For instance :
19FA (for invoices) + 000 + incremental number
19DE (for quote) + 000 + incremental number

I tried to change that in Admin > AOS and in Studio, but it’s no avail : none of the methods I looked for actually worked. I read as many topics as possible, I searched in documentation, but none solutions were useful.

Any help, pelase ?

I don’t think there is a way to define a pattern for invoice numbers like that in SuiteCRM.

You would have to do code customization, perhaps.

I can imagine a solution to be possible with Workflows and Calculated Fields, perhaps, but you’ll have to figure it out from the Documentation, I never tried it, sorry…

And thanks again for your answer.

Ok, I thought adding a pattern was something basic.

Right now, I’m not even able to change the initial number (i.e 00001 instead of 1). I reset database, tried both in studio and AOS, but it’s no avail : Suite always starts with 1…

For changing initial Number of Quotes/Invoices, you can modify the values of the config.php file in the config_override.php
The values are set in the following code

aos' => 
  array (
    'version' => '5.3.3',
    'contracts' => 
    array (
      'renewalReminderPeriod' => '14',
    'lineItems' => 
    array (
      'totalTax' => false,
      'enableGroups' => true,
    'invoices' => 
    array (
      'initialNumber' => '1',
    'quotes' => 
    array (
      'initialNumber' => '1',

So what you can do is just change the initial numbers in config_override.php like following

$sugar_config['aos']['quotes']['initialNumber'] = '1000';
$sugar_config['aos']['invoices']['initialNumber'] = '3000';

For Having a Custom pattern, since you need an alphanumeric value, i would suggest that create a new field say “quote_number” and assign it the Number from Logic Hooks. So one number would be the primary incremental number while the other will be alphanumeric serial number. You can change the stepping/increments which you can see in the file modules/AOS_Quotes/AOS_Quotes.php save function


Thank you, the first tip helped a lot !!! :woohoo:

For the 1st part, I gave a test by setting the first incremental number in config_onverride.php to be 190001 and it worked !

Then, I wanted to see what would happen if I changed the incremental number to start with 20 (and not 19). To be more accurate, let’s imagine I created 11 quotes in 2019, so the last quote would be 190011. We’re now in 2020, so I want to change the incremental number to start at 200012 => I tried and it worked (yay ! :woohoo: )

Regarding the second part, thanks for the hint, but unfortunately, I’m not good enough to understand precisely what I have to do >_<
According to your message + researches I did on the documentation, it sounds like it requires many php files and code to add to get the result I want, andI don’t want to screw everything up because I’m too bad at it ^^’

So I think I’ll stay with what I’ve got from the first part. Thank you for your help !