Change pricing based on quantity?

I have different pricing for my products depending on how much a customer orders. For example, I sell tape, and let’s say my prices are $3 a roll if you get 1 case, $2 a roll if you get 2 cases, $1 a roll if you get 3 cases. The price per roll decreases as the quantity increases.

When I make a quote and add in the product numbers, how would I ensure that the pricing changes to reflect the quantity of items a customer ordered?

My products in my product list all have the price for 1 case as the default. However if someone orders 5 cases, the pricing will have changed and this needs to be shown in the quote. The only solution I can think of is to add separate products for each price difference, for example

  1. product X (price per roll if customer orders 1 case)
  2. product X (price per roll if customer orders 2 cases)
  3. product X (price per roll if customer orders 3 cases)

and so on. Obviously this method is inefficient and would result in my products list being very long and cluttered, so I’m wondering if there is an easier/automated way to do this.

Thank you!

There is no automated way to do this, but of course it can be achieved by editing some PHP code, if you can do that sort of thing.

Hi @shifra, did you manage to get this working?