Change of the IP Address of my site


Hello All,

I had to change the IP of my server and I basically changed the IP on my browser and everything works almost fine…

when I check a user proflle I see…

Publish at my location:
Search location:
iCal integration URL: Information is the old IP Address…the new one is

How could I change the IPAdress for this settings ?

Thank you all!

You have to change the server url in you config.php file

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Can I change the server address to a dns name as opposed to a ip address without it causing problems.

I want it so that instead of presenting an IP address which only works for our internal staff i want to present it with the dns name so that it’s neat and will work for external staff as well without having to do any other changes?

Yes, remember that only the machine(virtual, phisycal, etc) is the one that needs an IP, for settings for SuiteCRM you can use DNS

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