Change name of related module

Hello guys, using 7.0.2 and after create relantionshitp Accounts One-to-Many Tasks I can’t change the label of Accounts in Tasks module, I’ve checked my permissions and all they are according to instructions, any thoughts?

It’s a clean install of SuiteCRM, and I know that that’s a weird relation but I need it

Thanks in advance for the help



Hi Mike,

In studio go to your newly created relationship change the name of the label this will change the name of the subpanel.


Hello Mr. Lewis, I can change the Subpanel name in Accounts, because that type of relantionship creates a Tasks Subpanel in Accounts Module, I can do that. But as my first topics stands, I need to change the field that is created automatically in Tasks module, I want to change it from Accounts to IE: “Customers”



To change the field you can navigate to the tasks -> editview -> click on the pencil change and save the name

Or if that doesn’t work

Navigate to Custom -> Modules -> Tasks -> Metadata -> detailviewdefs.php

Find the name of your account field it will be something like accounts_tasks_1_name

array (
‘name’ => ‘accounts_tasks_1_name’,

Do the same for Custom -> Modules -> Tasks -> Metadata -> detailviewdefs.php

Next navigate to Custom -> Modules -> Tasks -> Language -> en_us_lang.php
And paste this whole section in below anything that is already there.

$mod_strings = array (

Make sure everything is in the right place & run a repair and rebuild