Change min value for integer field, does not work

Goodmorning, I have a problem with an integer field.
I change min value from 0 to -1, than Quick repair, but when I try to save the record, I’m not able cause a error on this field, “the value must be 0 or greater”.
I’m searching in file system and I found that for this field: in
./Extension/modules/myModule/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_myfield.php: and ./modules/myModule/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php
I have this line: $dictionary['myModule']['fields']['myfield']['min']=-1;

So, how can I do to permit -1 value?

Can someone help me?
the field isn’t a custom field, was created (and set with min value = 0) with custom module.

I searched for this text in the code and couldn’t find it, even when searching only for a part. Is this the exact error text?

Sorry, the exact message for validation is “fieldname should be 0 or greater” where fieldname = the name of the field, and 0, the value that is set for min attribute configuration field. In this case, 0 is old value.

Maybe it’s that MSG_OR_GREATER that appears a few times in

I can’t do a thorough analysis right now, but maybe you can examine that code to see if you can discover something…

My problem is that I change min value, from 0 to -1, but it seems don’t take the change and continue to take the old configuration.

To resolve this problem (but isn’t the correct solution) I work with javascript: remove validation to field, and then add new validation with my value.

$('#myField').ready(function() {
	removeFromValidate('EditView', 'myField');
	addToValidateRange('EditView', 'myField', 'int', false, '{$mod_strings['LBL_MYFIELD']}' , -1, false);

This works but may not reflect the field configuration.