Change loading animation

Hello everyone!
I’m new to SuiteCRM.

I’m trying to change the loading animation. I’m referring to the one with the SuiteCRM logo and the moving cubes (look at the attached image).

I’m not sure if this is an animated gif.

Anyway, is it possible to replace this animation with a custom gif?
Thank you all!

I think that it is possible to do. First, check gif name by doing inspect element on the browser or else find gif in the theme folder.

Once you find a gif that you want to update and if you’re using a SuiteP theme. Create folder and file like below.

For example,


You need to delete /cache/themes folder after you changes
Then do ‘empty cache and hard reload’ on the browser to see changes

Let me know, if it worked for you or not.

I’m using suite8 theme.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any gif file like that.

The folder path is public/legacy/custom/themes, inside i can find only the default folder.

Thank you.

Do you have images folder under default?

Yes, but I can’t find that animation to replace the file.

I don’t believe this is just an image you can replace, is a dynamically made cube by the looks of it and I think to change it you would need to override the angular component core/app/core/src/lib/components/loading-spinner