Change lead status only ater Email has been sent to cleint

I would like to know if its possible to create a workflow where an email is first sent than a staus is changed.

I am working with leads and I want the status to be chnaged only after and email has been sent.

I could not see how to do this in the workflow.

Any help would be great to soleve this

I think with a FLAG field in the Record it would be possible via Workflow.

  1. First Workflow sends email to record, also an action to FLAG the record that email was sent to this record.

  2. Second Workflow to update status of lead where FLAG was set, also unset the flag so it doesnt update status repeatedly.

Thank you fro your reply.

I m still new to suitcrm and can you explain what yuo mean by a FLAG Field how do i create this FLAG field.

If you can send me a screen shot or description on to create this flag field would be great.

It’s just a way for you to store the fact that the record has been handled.

You can add a custom field from Studio (there’s documentation for that) but I suggest a simpler way is to just pick any already existing field that you don’t plan to ever use, and use it to signal the “already handled” condition.

Just set it to some fixed value that later you can use in a condition.