Change invoice number or restart from a certain number after deletion of last invoice(s)


I have been testing with invoices because we had to create a credit invoice. In the process, I deleted the last three invoices I had created for testing purposes. After deleting those last invoices however, it is not possible to use those invoice numbers anymore. This is a big problem as in Belgium, the numbers of invoices can not be skipped (otherwise we might get into trouble with the tax authorities). Is there a way (other than adding a custom field, which is not what we are looking for) to reset the automatic numbering so that it reuses the numbers of deleted invoices in stead of skipping them?

It would be very helpful if we could get an answer soon, as we are unable now to create any invoices (and we urgently need to create some).

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ps: we have found a topic which treats this question, but the answer given did not work at all for us.

Hi there,

Have you deleted the records from the database itself?