Change initial invoice number

I move from another CRM to SuiteCRM
I also get all the info migrated to SuiteCRM

Now I have an issue with the invoice numbers

I need to start my invoice from number 61 and over but the system is placing me 401
the same with quotes I need to start with 57 and over but every new quote starts in 229

How I can change the numbers to continue with my numeration?
Next invoice has to be 61 and next quote has to be 57

Thanks for helping me


The numbers for quotes and invoices are taken from the highest number in the DB. Do you have an invoice with the number 400?

You could set up a logic hook to reassign numbers but I’m not sure that I’d recommend this.

If you don’t have quotes or invoices with the higher numbers then you can check the ‘aos’ entry in the config file which can be used to define a minimum number, perhaps this has been set.


Thanks for your answer
I for got to mention, I did change as admin the AOS admin, Advanced OpenSales Settings, initial invoice number and initial quote number
and no change

Then I did a repair and build
Also no change


No idea how to fix this

You don’t mention what numbers already exist in the Invoices/Quotes table. Can you run:

SELECT number FROM aos_invoices ORDER BY number DESC LIMIT 5;

This should give an idea of why the initial invoice number is 401.



I am not good with SQL
but after a research I could run the command you requested.

it is clear why the invoices start on four hundred something :frowning:
Is that easy to changing the number here?
How should I perform this?

What is the quotes number?

mysql> SELECT number FROM aos_invoices ORDER BY number DESC LIMIT 5;
| number |
| 404 |
| 403 |
| 402 |
| 401 |
| 400 |
5 rows in set (0.00 sec)


I would not recommend changing these since they have already been assigned numbers. Is there a reason that you have to have the numbers starting lower?

You could perhaps change the logic that assigns numbers but this would require adding custom logic.


There is no other way to do it?
I don’t want to trick the code (I don’t know how to do it and won’t to be standard)

Any way to do it?

Is the invoice starting number in admin area not working?.
What to do to make this oarameter work?