Change in Calendar. Stuck!


I’m a little stuck in the calendar and wonder if someone can help point me in the right direction.

The Status Field for a meeting we have replaced with our own status field. As a Result the Calendar always shows the status of the Visit as Customer Visit, because it’s using the Default for the original Status field.

See the below screenshot.

Can someone please point me in the direction of which files I presume in the Calendar module I need to go into edit to change it so the “status” field actually points to our own custom field instead of the original “status” field.

When I create the meeting even from the Calendar module it creates it fine as that is using the correct field, so I can create it happily, and view it normally find within Modules it’s only within the Calendar itself that I have the problems So that field it’s looking at is status within the meetings module, and I want it to look at wg_meeting_visit_objectives_c (yeah I know it’s a bit of a long name, silly me).

OK. I’ve Managed to change it for when you click i

That now works it was in Meetings/metadata/additionalDetails.php I copied that over to the custom directory and editied it to point to our custom field. That works so when you press i it shows the correct field.

Now it’s just to find where it is in the actual standard calander so i can change that. Sooo Close, and yet so far at the same time. Very Frustrating just need to work out what file I need to play with.

The red shows what I still need to change, green is now working.