Change filed to case_number if parent type is Cases in Notes module

How to SET field value to case_number if Parent type is selected to Case.

I am unable to set another filed in in parent type is selected to Case

Sorry, I can’t understand what you mean.

Can you please say your SuiteCRM version, and name the modules you are talking about? If they are custom modules, say so. This makes a difference when trying to figure out an answer.


Suppose In Notes Modules There is field Related to as Seen in Screen Shot (Attached).
If we select Related to as CASES:
I want to display CASE NUMBER Instead of CASE NAME

Version 7.11.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Thanks In Advance,

This won’t be possible with a Workflow, but you could do it with an after_save Logic hook.

In the Note record, you have the Parent_id and Parent_type fields. Whenever these are changed, you would go to that related record and grab the Number, and save it in the Notes record (in a custom field, for example). Then you could use that field anywhere you want.