Change Field Label of Contact Module

Hi Everyone,

Refer picture above, how can I change field label within billing address field group, such as ‘Address’ change to ‘Street’?


Due to the way that the Address block is built, i believe you would have to change it in the code.

You can do so with the following steps:

Navigate to /custom/modules/Contacts/Language/

If there is not a file called "en_us.lang.php, create it here.

inside this file, enter the following:

$mod_strings = array (
  'LBL_ALT_STREET' => 'Other Street',

and save the file.

If the file already exists and has a $mod_strings array, simply add the lines:
‘LBL_ALT_STREET’ => ‘Other Street’,
into the array.

Then, run a Quick repair and Rebuild in your CRM, clear your browser cache and the label should be updated to say “Street”

If you wanted to change the other fields in the Address block, you would likely have to find their label name, (I.e, LBL_PRIMARY_STREET), and add it to the $mod_strings array inside the en_us.lang.php file that you have created.

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