Change Email sent in Event Module

Hi, I would know if is it possible create an Email invite that is sent when an Event is create; currently I have noticed that the default email that is sent when a new Event is create is the “Default Subject” in “\SuiteCRM\include\language\it_it.notify_template.html”.
Is it possible to create a new template in the same file as, for example, for the Meeting Module?

You can customize that file, yes.

Just make a copy of it in the custom folder and make your changes.

Ok, but how do I set that when i create a new Event Suite has to send the new template I create in the file?

For be more clear: I add in the file “C:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM\custom\include\language\it_it.notify_template.html” the new template but if I create a new Event Suite send me the old template (which is “Default_Subject”).

How can I set the new template?

If there is a file in the custom directory, it should be used, and the original file should be ignored.

Is your system using the italian template? Or is it using the English one?

Yes , my system is using italian template because I edit the email from meeting and I receive it correct.
I also do a “quick and repair” but the email is the same, so I decide to edit the existing template but I receive a blank email.

Maybe you are doing something wrong in your edits - some syntax problem, or using a field that isn’t available to the template… not all fields are possible to use in there (although this can be fixed).

You are right, now my template is simple but at least is correct.
To adding new fields in the template (for the Meeting module) i went to “SuiteCRM\modules\Meetings\Meeting.php” and there is the function “set_notification_body”, I noticed that in “SuiteCRM\modules\FP_events\FP_events.php” there isn’t that function.
How can I add new fields in Event template?

You can probably just define that function by extending the Bean class. But that will take some work to make it upgrade-safe, I am not sure where you should put it…

If you’re ok with a non-upgrade-safe change, you can just add the function in the class file. Some people keep a list of their non-upgrade-safe customizations, and check it after each upgrade, re-applying changes if necessary.

Ok, thanks for your help.