Change default filter


I’m using the SuiteCRM-7.11.17 on CentOS 7.8 with Apache v2.4.6, php v7.2.34 and Mysql v5.6.49.

If I go to the menu “SUPPORT” - “Cases”, I see all cases, regardless of their state (open or closed).
How to, by default, see only those that are “Open”?

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You can create your filter from the search menu.

  • Click on the filter icon and select State=Open and Save filter as= Open Case and Click on Save.

In a similar way, you can have it for state Closed too. Now in a listview, you have Myfilter dropdown.

This way you can use filters and whatever the last filter you applied will be saved in your preference. So whenever you visit listview that filter will be applied until you clear it.

This may help you.


Thanks for your response.
Yes, it is a possible solution. But, by default, is it possible to change? Default for all users.
Only then, if a user wants to create their own filters, would they create them.


No, it won’t be available default for all users.

But here is a thread that might help you copy for all users