Change Default Email outbound From address

I need to change the default From address for all Users to be a group mailbox not their own address

When they compose an email they get a drop-down with there own email addresses and the group mailbox but it defaults to their personal email address

How can I change this?

I can’t see anything in email settings todo this


Sorry i have not response but i need exactly same thing


I have found a way todo this :slight_smile:

Not ideal but it works

Add the users own email address to SuiteCRM using email settings accounts

Then disable the account

It then defaults to the group address

Weirdly if you then delete the account it still keeps the group account as the default

Thanks for the tip but in this, are “notification/assignement” email send to user ?

I have look for changing default outbound from but :
in the template, the <select nam="from{idx}>. is empty.
I have create a default from… but never displayed.
For me, this if filled by Yahoo.utils, Yahoo.mail. or something like this. (Ajax).


No this is from email settings in Emails as I want to stop users from sending emails from suitecrm from their own accounts

Go to :
admin control panel->Email settings
you can change: Send notification from assigning user’s e-mail address:

This may be what you want

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Yes, do the trip.

Thanks mikesolomon