Change default assigned user for opportunities

We have a new account on SuiteOnDemand. For some reason, for every new opportunity, my name is prefilled in the “Assigned to” field, so users end up assigning every new opportunity to me. How do I change the default to be blank or a more suitable user?

The SuiteCRM Dashlet List view maps that field to assigned_user_name. That field does not appear to exist within the Opportunities table, so I cannot change its default value there. I do see a relationship mapped between Users and Opportunities, but I don’t see how to change this Opportunity-specific behavior. The user guide does not appear to address this.


Any ideas? I assume this is a common question.


There is a field in the database, on the Opportunities table, called assigned_user_id. That must be used in a relationship to grab the user name and show it. But I don’t think that’s where you want to tweak the default name.

I think that the assigned user should be the user currently creating the opportunity. I just tried it on the demo (which has a non-admin user) and it worked like that.

So you say that in your system, in the create opportunity screen, at the bottom, the “assigned to” box is populated always with the same user name, instead of the currently logged in user?

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