Change Dashlet Error

Using 7.10.bete3

Using STUDIO attempting to change ACCOUNT Module Dashlet ListView.

Can move fields around but SAVE & DEPLOY gets ERROR “An Error has occurred”. Since this is a new install problem could be my platform (e.g. missing PHP 7.2 extension or wrong CHMOD. The ERROR LOG HAS:

Uncaught Error: Cannot access protected property DeployedMetaDataImplementation

[19-Jan-2018 22:54:59 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot access protected property DeployedMetaDataImplementation::$_history in /modules/ModuleBuilder/parsers/views/DashletMetaDataParser.php:193
Stack trace:
#0 /modules/ModuleBuilder/controller.php(805): DashletMetaDataParser->handleSave()
#1 /include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php(523): ModuleBuilderController->action_dashletSave()
#2 /include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php(491): SugarController->do_action()
#3 /include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php(465): SugarController->handle_action()
#4 /modules/ModuleBuilder/controller.php(108): SugarController->process()
#5 /include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php(373): ModuleBuilderController->process()
#6 /include/MVC/SugarApplication.p in /home/patientpathsnet/public_html/beta/modules/ModuleBuilder/parsers/views/DashletMetaDataParser.php on line 193


STUDIO Labels, Fields, and Layouts WORK OK, except Layouts SuiteCRM Dashlet and PopUp View get posted ERROR.

This condition exists for multiple Modules.

Still having this problem with 7.10 RC

Got fatal error missing directory cache/themes/SuiteP/modules
Did not work after creating directory

The error Site is CentOs 7 PHP 7.2 MariahDB

i also get this error.

Can you please open an Issue for this on GitHub?

Thanks for reporting!

A PR for this issue is here: