Change background colour from white to something darker?

Hi all,

White gives me eye strain, is there a simple way to change the colour of the background of SutieCRM?

Just a light grey or something would be much better.

just edit the body or html tag in the .css file of your theme,
ie: body {background:#ddd}
then do a admin > repair and Rebuild Relationships to drop the cached css


I did try this on the current theme and did the rebuild/relationships but it’s remained totally white - the file I edited was style.css

Have you tried adding your own colour of choice? Search for ‘hex colours’ to find an appropriate colour.

Hi, yes I added a grey colour #something and did as told above but still have a totally white bg.

Will - could you also look @ my outlook plugin post when you get a moment please?

Where did you make the change? In what CSS file?

Thanks for the reply


you should change it in custom/themes/SuiteR/css/style.css. You may need to create that file.

I’d also recommend adding !important to the end of the line i.e.:

body {
background:#ddd !important;



You should create the custom file as a copy of the core style.css file i.e. make sure it has all of the css, not just your body property.