Change a pulldown value with a workflow?

I created a workflow when a text field is updated, that the value of a pulldown is also updated.

The workflow seems to run without error, but the pulldown field value is not changed.

Is it possible to inject a value into a pulldown object?

More details:

  1. There is a pullown of our 12 store branches on a lead generation form in Hubspot.
  2. We created a Zapier that pulls that form from Hubspot and injects it as a new Lead in SuiteCRM.
  3. The only field that did NOT update was the store branch pulldown that also exists in SuiteCRM.
  4. The solution was to create a text field called ‘store branch text field’ which accepts the store branch from Hubspot perfectly.
  5. Because the two pulldowns are aligned (they have identical spelling) my hope was that with a workflow when the ‘store branch text field’ was updated to copy the value of that field and modify the ‘branch’ field with that exact branch.

That last step #5 is not working.

It’s probably an issue with the difference between the pull-down text (like a city name where your branch is) and the internal id for that, which is what gets stored.

If you can go look in your database and try to figure out which ids go with which branch names, then you can make a simple test setting assigning an id in the workflow, to see if that works.

If it does, you can either:

  1. Make 12 workflows, (each with condition like “branch text = AAA”, action to assign AAA’s specific id)
  2. Make a single Workflow, with a very complicated Calculated field with nested ifs, to go through the 12 possibilities assigning their ids

An alternative approach which is simpler and cleaner (as long as you can code some PHP) is to do all this from a logic hook, and keep the code generic doing a reverse lookup (from text to id) and filling in the field accordingly.

I was not sticking to consistent capitalization. My variables in CRM were lower case, the Branch name was coming in Camel Case (first letter capitalized).

Changed case to be consistent and all done no coding required.