Certain Individual Users have very slow load times

If I log in as Administrator, I can load a module, filter a list view and open the record in seconds.

Yet, if I log out of administrator and login as a user (does not happen with all users), and load a module, filter a list view and open the record it takes me minutes instead of seconds. This applies to all modules (Accounts, Contacts, etc.)

I cannot determine what would cause this. It does not happen for all users.

Keep in mind I am using the same computer and same browser, not clearing any cache. I am just logging out of admin and into a user. All users are part of the same security group/role management.

Please provide some direction.

Version 7.11.12
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Is that valid for all admin accounts (are all administration accounts faster than regular accounts)?

I switched all users to Admin’s and the issue still continues. Only the original Admin has the speedy access times. Even the simple act of login is noticeably slower with a user and not the original admin.

Almost 8 seconds for a user before they receive the first byte of information.

Here is the admin, loading the same page using the same browser. This was taken within 5 mins of each other. This is not an internet issue.

Admin loads in 1100ms
User loads in 8 secs.

What would be causing this issue? Please help with some direction.

I found the issue!

Some users were “favouriting” more than 5 records. One person had starred “favourited”, over 60 records. Once they were removed from favourites the system flew. I will add in a 1 OF 5 Favorites etc… in the left column. Not allowing more than 5 to be favourited.

2021-09-27 16_28_36
I added a limit of 5 and put up an indicator letting people know how many remaining.

It would be useful to understand why having more favorites has such a severe performance impact - it doesn’t sound justified, and it would likely be relatively easy to solve.

I haven’t a clue but it isn’t difficult to replicate.

Add 10 to 30 favorites and you will quickly notice a difference.
If you add 50-100 it stops.