CDR Accept from other source

Hi all,

I am just finding if SuiteCRM accept CDR (Call detail report) from other source. We are using Vodia PBX which send CDR in following formats, webcdr, json, jsons, http, https, soap, soaps. Can you please let us know if CRM does accept it from our PBX. We actually want if someone call from PBX it should write on CRM and we should be able to find those calls under “Phone calls” at CRM. Please advise.

Not out-of-the-box.

You can search the SuiteCRM Store for add-ons to integrate with Asterisk and other phone software.

Or you can make (or buy) a custom integration, the one your mentioning doesn’t seem too complicated.

How can we make custom integration. As I told you before our PBX has capability to send CDR in all above formats. Which module we need for it and how can we integrate?

Thank You

If your PBX can call the SuiteCRM API, that would be perfect, it would simply create a “Call” record each time.

If you can only produce static files with a list of Calls, then you would need an importer on SuiteCRM’s side to get that list and save it as individual call records.

There are two approaches for this Import:

  • format the list as a Calls module CSV, and import it manually through the UI

  • use custom PHP importer to handle everything. This is usually a better solution since it allows to set security groups, establish relationships, validate data, etc.

If you want I can ask one of my colleagues to contact you to give you a quote for SalesAgility to make this integration for you.